Creation of a Call Center in Tunisia

The call center sector in Tunisia is a promising market whose growth has never faltered. Indeed, the interest for companies to opt for a call center is undeniable. It thus enables them to improve the quality of the customer relationship, thanks to a better knowledge of their behavior. It also means a reduction in the costs of the various services, compared to an equivalent task performed internally, but also an increase in turnover (linked to customer satisfaction). Finally, the image of companies opting for call centers is enhanced and they benefit from better knowledge of the market thanks to the customer files they constitute. This sector in Tunisia is all the more buoyant in that it makes it possible to address international companies, located in particular in French-speaking countries such as France, Switzerland or even Belgium. Tunisia has a pool of staff who are effectively trained in customer relations and fluent in French, all at a low salary cost

Tunisia’s strengths for call centers

While a majority of foreign call centers have relocated part of their activities to different regions of the world, Tunisia has naturally established itself as a leading destination. And for good reason, Tunisia is a country of attraction for foreign direct investment (FDI). Tele performance, the leader of call centers in Europe was not mistaken and also made the choice of Tunisia. The group specified the five good reasons which led it to choose Tunisia as a relocated production site: its dynamism coupled with strong economic expansion, a young population, excellent training, a perfect master of the French language and, a ideal cultural and economic proximity to France associated with geographical proximity (only 2 hours and 30 minutes from major French metropolises, without jet lag). In general, Tunisia thus has many assets that we suggest you detail.

The human factor:

Tunisia has a well-trained and operational workforce. The Land of Jasmine is the first country in Africa and the Arab world to rely on access to the information superhighways. The use of new information technologies is thus highlighted, from an early age, in educational and training programs. Tunisia is also recognized for the quality of its teaching of foreign languages, especially English and French. The students trained are thus, for the great majority and at least, trilingual. In addition, all students doing a master’s degree, regardless of the field combined, have training in ICT in order to make the most of their computer knowledge. Finally, in order to encourage the creation of call centers in Tunisia, a training program for teleoperators for graduates has been initiated by Tunisian faculties.

Positive public signals aimed at developing new information and communication technologies (NICT):

Tunisia identified early on the potential of new information and communication technologies. It has thus for a long time invested in training in ICT. It therefore now has one of the largest technological parks in Africa. Designated by the technological city, the latter is located in the El Ghazala district. The technological city of Tunisia covers 30 hectares and has established itself as a major employer in the sector with, in 2005, 1,500 qualified engineers and technicians

Telecommunications sector infrastructure

Anxious to provide companies in the new information and communication technologies sector with suitable infrastructure, Tunisia has invested in an efficient and modern telecommunications network. The latter allows, among other advantages, to get in touch with customers and make the various calls, as if they were made from within Europe.

Major financial advantages for call centers in Tunisia:

By opting for a location in Tunisia, foreign call centers enjoy many advantages including :

  • Lower utility costs (water, gas, electricity) and rental and installation costs
  • A reduction in the cost of the payroll at all levels (recruitment and training). Tunisia has a large pool of trained, motivated and stable employees whose salary cost is 450 Tunisian dinars per month (around 150 €). It is therefore very competitive on the issue of wage costs, especially compared to Europe, the United States and other African countries.
  • Competitive communication rates to limit charges for companies specializing in telecommunications. In addition, the Tunisian National Telecommunications Office offers preferential rates to outsourced contact centers. To benefit from it, all you have to do is enter into an agreement with the latter and meet specific criteria.

Strong state commitments to call centers in Tunisia:

Anxious to encourage a promising sector, source of many jobs, the Tunisian state proposes a legislative framework encouraging the creation of a call center in Tunisia. In addition, Tunisia promotes business creation in the sector by offering discounts on communications and by covering the cost of training teleactors.

We carry out all the formalities for creating your company for you:

The formalities to create an IT company in Tunisia can be complex. To allow you to launch, with a minimum of constraints, your IT company in Tunisia, we therefore suggest that you carry out all the administrative formalities for the creation of your company.

  • We treat your project and analyze your different needs
  • We request the approval of the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation
  • We assist you in the domiciliation of the company
  • We assist you in the drafting of the statutes and rental contract (or domiciliation)
  • We will register the company. This includes, the registration of the statutes, the tax number, the declaration of existence, the registration in the trade register, the customs code, the approval of tax benefits and the publication of the Legal Notice.
  • We assist you in opening a bank account. This includes making an appointment with the bank, preparing the account opening file and providing support to the agency.

The deadline for setting up a company in Tunisia is between 10 days and two weeks.

Find out about our free legal assistance and administrative support agreement

The first year of existence of a call center in Tunisia is pivotal. Indeed, for the entrepreneur, it is synonymous with significant investments, in human and financial terms, which must make it possible to ensure the economic viability of the company. It therefore implies total availability. In order to help the creators of call centers in Tunisia to concentrate on the essentials, we also offer legal assistance and free administrative support (in the form of an agreement) for a period of one year, from the date of registration. Throughout the year, our consultants will therefore be at your disposal to support you and answer all your questions. With a real knowledge of the sector and the local market, they will do their utmost to find an effective solution to the various problems that you may encounter. In addition, our legal department will also be at your disposal to answer all your legal questions. For one year, you will therefore be able to benefit from as much legal and administrative consultations, in complete confidentiality, as necessary. They will thus allow you to have an outside and informed perspective on all legal or administrative matters

Human support

Anxious to offer candidates for the creation of call centers in Tunisia complete peace of mind, Domi offers a personalized and human approach. To do this, we put at your service an involved, available, competent and experienced team to meet your needs. She will thus accompany you at each stage of the creation of your call center in Tunisia in order to allow you to make the best choices for the creation of your business. It is also a great ally to help you avoid mistakes frequently made by young entrepreneurs, such as choosing the wrong status. Calling on Domi guarantees you to lay the healthy and solid foundations of your call center in Tunisia to make it a flourishing business!

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