Startup creation in Tunisia

A startup in Tunisia is a young company that has an innovative dimension, generally linked to a concept or an idea, with a strong growth potential. Creating a startup is a challenge to overcome, but in many cases it can be a real lottery ticket. However, creating a startup in Tunisia involves a different process than a traditional business. Thus, launching this type of company requires an experimentation phase to test the concept and validate the business model. A startup in Tunisia is therefore not a company like any other, moreover, to benefit from this label, it must meet specific criteria

The criteria to benefit from the startup label in Tunisia

  • Have been created for less than 8 years
  • Achieve a turnover and have a balance sheet of less than 30 MTD
  • Have a capital structure independent of investment funds or foreign startups. That is to say, 2/3 owned by natural persons
  • Propose a business model and significant growth potential

The advantages offered to startups in Tunisia

Tunisia wishes to encourage the creation of startups. Aware of the difficulty that such a project represents but also of the growth potential that a startup can have in Tunisia, the land of jasmine has set up many advantages aimed at promoting the creation of startups in Tunisia. We invite you to discover them

Leave for the creation of a Startup

Any employee with more than three years of seniority in a company benefits from a one-year leave, renewable once, for the creation of a startup in Tunisia. However, for private companies employing less than 100 employees, the consent of the legal representative is required.

Maintaining employment programs

All graduates launching their startup in Tunisia, or who have joined one as an employee, can continue to benefit from employment programs, including the SIVP.

The startup grant

During the first year of operation, the founders and co-founders of a startup in Tunisia can benefit from a life grant, granted to 3 founders. The amount of the latter depends on the past status of the founder. It is thus standard for the self-employed and calculated on the basis of the previous average income for the former employees.

Support for patents

In order to promote innovation, Tunisia supports, for startups, the registration and filing of patents at INNORPI as well as internationally. This allows young entrepreneurs to protect their innovations

An absence of wage and employer charges

To promote the economic viability of startups in Tunisia and encourage their creation, the Tunisian state offers an exemption from wage and employer charges, including CNSS charges, until the startup is labeled.

A tax allowance for investors

Investors, whether natural or legal person, can deduct their entire investment, corresponding to the subscription to the capital of startups, within the limit of income or profit subject to tax

A corporate tax exemption

Anxious to encourage the creation of startups in Tunisia, the Tunisian state offers an exemption from corporate tax until the latter is labeled.

A capital gain tax exemption

In order to encourage investors to bet on startups in Tunisia, the latter offers a total exemption from capital gains on investments in startups

The use of OCAs

All start-ups in Tunisia can proceed with the issue of bonds convertible into shares, regardless of the option periods for the conversion.

A valuation of the contributions

In order to allow the creators of startups to measure their investments as accurately as possible, whatever they may be, start-ups that have benefited from a contribution in kind are authorized to appoint their own Contribution Auditors.

A guarantee fund for startups in Tunisia

In order to promote investments in startups, Tunisia offers a dedicated guarantee fund guaranteeing up to 30% the potential participation of collective investment organizations in startups. However, it should be noted that this fund, managed by SOTUGAR, cannot be combined with the National Guarantee Fund and that it intervenes only in the event of amicable liquidation.

Public contracts

Startups are considered (small businesses). With regard to article 20 of decree 2014-1039, they can therefore benefit from public contracts, especially since any public purchaser must reserve 20% of the annual amount of his works, supply of goods and services contracts. and small business studies

The technological map

Startups benefit from a ceiling of 100 thousand dinars per year for their technology card

A special currency account

Startups in Tunisia are authorized to open a special foreign currency account in Tunisia. They can feed it as they wish by contributions of capital, quasi-capital and turnover in foreign currencies. It is also free to invest, according to its needs, the assets of this account to acquire tangible or intangible goods, create subsidiaries abroad or even take stakes in companies abroad.

Simplified homologation

In order to promote their development, startups in Tunisia are exempt from CERT & ANCE approval and technical control procedures for imports.

Customs procedures

Start-ups in Tunisia are considered (approved economic operators) within the meaning of the Customs Code.

We carry out all the formalities for creating your company for you:

  • We process your project and analyze it according to your needs
  • We take care of the labeling of the Startup
  • We assist you with the domiciliation of the company
  • We assist you in the drafting of the statutes and rental contract (or domiciliation)
  • We register the company. This includes, the registration of the statutes, the tax number, the declaration of existence, the registration in the trade register, the customs code, the approval of tax benefits and the publication of the Legal Notice
  • We assist you in opening a bank account. This includes making an appointment with the bank, preparing the account opening file and providing support to the agency.

Find out about our free legal assistance and administrative support agreement

Launching a startup in Tunisia can be complex. Indeed, the creation of a startup in Tunisia is generally synonymous with challenge because it involves a testing phase and constant adjustments until the determination of the business model. During this time, the startup creator in Tunisia must show agility and creativity in order to ensure the sustainability of his business. The creation of a startup in Tunisia also goes hand in hand with sometimes heavy investments and the discovery of many administrative and legal constraints linked to the special status of this small company. So, in order to allow startup creators in Tunisia to focus on the essentials, we offer free legal assistance and administrative support (in the form of an agreement) for a period of one year, from the date of registration. Throughout this first year of testing, our consultants are therefore at your disposal to best support you in the creation of your startup in Tunisia. With their expertise and real knowledge of the Tunisian market, they will do their utmost to answer your questions and offer you effective solutions to the various problems encountered. In addition, our offer also includes legal assistance. For one year, our legal department is available to answer your legal questions. Concretely, for one year, the creators of startups in Tunisia can benefit from as many legal and administrative consultations as necessary, in complete confidentiality. These are intended to provide you with concrete and relevant answers to issues arising from legal or administrative questions.

Human support

The creation of a startup in Tunisia is an ambitious project. To meet this challenge brilliantly, it is therefore essential to choose first-rate partners who are used to supporting young business creators but also who benefit from real expertise. In addition, for quality support, an individualized approach is necessary. And for good reason, each startup in Tunisia is different and faces a variety of issues to which there is no standard answer. Aware of this particularity, Domi offers you personalized support and provides you with an involved, available, competent and experienced team. It thus has all the essential qualities to guide you effectively in the creation of your startup in Tunisia. She is a leading ally to offer you the necessary knowledge so that you can make the best decisions for the creation of your startup in Tunisia. By calling on Domi to create your startup in Tunisia, you put all the chances on your side to lay a healthy and solid foundation for your business and thus ensure its success.

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