Creation of a service company in Tunisia

Tunisia is a promising market for service companies. Indeed, service companies in Tunisia account for 60% of GDP, including ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) which is experiencing a major boom and tourism. This good health of the services market is also reflected in the employment figures, with more than half of the Tunisian workforce working for a service company. Tunisia therefore has many assets to attract new entrepreneurs with a service company project. Low wage costs, modernized infrastructure, and even a network of active entrepreneurs are all advantages for enabling graduates and candidates for entrepreneurship with qualifications to develop a flourishing service business in Tunisia. In addition, Tunisia, plagued by a high unemployment rate, has a large pool of trained and competent employees to meet the needs of a service company in Tunisia, regardless of the sector of activity chosen.

Sectors of activity conducive to service companies :

  • IT services
  • The communications
  • Transport
  • Education and Higher Education
  • Health
  • Environmental Protection
  • Public works
  • Real estate promotion
  • Study, advice, expertise and assistance services

We carry out all the formalities for creating your company for you:

The formalities for setting up a company can be complex. To allow you to launch your service company in Tunisia with confidence, we therefore suggest that you carry out all the administrative formalities for the creation of your company.

  • We treat your project and analyze your different needs
  • We request the approval of the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation
  • We assist you in the domiciliation of the company
  • We will register the company. This includes, the registration of the statutes, the tax number, the declaration of existence, the registration in the trade register, the customs code, the approval of tax benefits and the publication of the Legal Notice
  • We assist you in opening a bank account. This includes making an appointment with the bank, preparing the account opening file and providing support to the agency

The deadline for setting up a company in Tunisia is between 10 days and two weeks

Find out about our free legal assistance and administrative support agreement

The first year of operating a service company in Tunisia is key. Indeed, it is punctuated by the various events punctuating the life of a young company and the compulsory administrative formalities which can be cumbersome for neophytes. In order to offer you a successful start-up, we offer free legal assistance and administrative support (in the form of an agreement) for a period of one year, from the date of registration. During this time, our consultants are at your disposal to answer all your questions. With many years of experience and a real knowledge of the local market, they will do their utmost to find an efficient solution to your various questions and requests. In addition, we also support you on a legal level, through our legal department. During this first year of operation, the latter offers you legal and administrative consultations in order to respond, effectively and in complete confidentiality, to legal or administrative questions that may be imposed on you.

Human support

Calling on Domi for the creation of your service company in Tunisia is to put all the chances on your side for your project to be a success. Domi has an available, trained and experienced team to help you avoid the common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make when setting up their company in Tunisia, such as a bad choice of statutes. In addition, Domi offers its customers personalized support and an individualized approach that guarantee the best decision-making. By entrusting the creation of your service company in Tunisia to Domi, you are giving yourself the chance to transform your idea, at the origin of any company creation, into a flourishing business!

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