Consulting Company Creation in Tunisia

Consulting companies in Tunisia are companies offering service and consulting activities in order to promote the development of a public or private company. To do this, the consulting company employs consultants who will offer customers tailor-made solutions, after analyzing the needs to identify the point or points requiring the intervention of an expert. The main clients of consulting companies in Tunisia are: ministries, local authorities, associations, unions but also private sector companies. Tunisia is a particularly favorable territory for the development of a consulting company. Indeed, economic activity is dynamic but in constant movement. She therefore asks companies to be agile, which is not always easy for many of them. Consulting agencies are then called upon and they are particularly so in recent years. The context is thus ideal for all entrepreneurs having a project to create a consulting company in Tunisia. All the more so as the land of jasmine has a pool of qualified and experienced personnel available at low salary costs.

Sectors of activity conducive to consulting companies in Tunisia :

  • Analysis, advice and assistance in the economic, legal, social, technical and administrative fields
  • Advice to companies and institutions
  • Strategy consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Management and organizational consulting
  • Cost reduction advice
  • IT consulting
  • Sustainable development consulting
  • Advice to individuals

We carry out all the formalities for creating your company for you:

The formalities to create a consulting company in Tunisia can be stressful. To allow you to set up your consulting company in Tunisia as easily as possible, we suggest that you carry out all the administrative formalities for the creation of your company.

  • We deal with your project and analyze your different needs
  • We are requesting the approval of the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation
  • We assist you in the domiciliation of the company
  • We assist you in drafting the articles of association and the rental contract (or domiciliation)
  • We register the company. This includes, the registration of the statutes, the tax number, the declaration of existence, the registration in the trade register, the customs code, the approval of tax benefits and the publication of the Legal Notice
  • We will assist you in opening a bank account. This includes making an appointment with the bank, preparing the account opening file and providing support to the agency

The deadline for setting up a company in Tunisia is between 10 days and two weeks.

Find out about our free legal assistance and administrative support agreement

The first year of existence of a consulting company in Tunisia is essential to ensure its sustainability. It requires a total investment on the part of the business creator who must, in addition to investing in his chosen field, deal with many legal and administrative issues that can be time-consuming to resolve. In order to help you as a creator of a consulting company in Tunisia to focus on the essentials to ensure the success of your business, we offer you free legal assistance and administrative support (in the form of an agreement) for a period of one year from the date of registration. During this period, our consultants will be at your disposal to answer all your questions. With real expertise and concrete knowledge of the local market, they will do their utmost to find an effective solution to the various problems encountered. In addition, our legal department will also be at your side to answer your legal questions. Throughout your first exercise, Domi will allow you to benefit from legal and administrative consultations. You will never be alone in the face of these complex formalities!

Human support

Anxious to offer the creators of consulting companies in Tunisia the best possible entrepreneurial experience, Domi makes a point of offering them a personalized and human approach. This method allows us to perfectly identify your needs in order to meet them ever more effectively. To do this, we have a responsive, competent and experienced team. She will thus accompany you so that you create for your consulting company in Tunisia, healthy and solid bases. You will thus be certain to make the best choices in the creation of your consulting company in Tunisia and to avoid the mistakes frequently made by young entrepreneurs, such as a bad choice of statutes.

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