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Tunisia has an open and dynamic market for commercial companies. According to the World Bank, in 2014, trade accounted for 100% of GDP. Tunisia is therefore making every effort to promote the development of trade in Tunisia. These efforts are reflected at multiple levels and are genuine invitations to the creation of a commercial company in Tunisia. The land of jasmine has thus initiated a gradual liberalization of its trade with foreign partners and countries in the sub-region. It is also committed to the agreements of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. These strong positions are intended to create an ever more favorable ground for the creation of commercial companies in Tunisia. In addition, Tunisia has demonstrated a sincere desire for openness by increasing the signing of bilateral, regional and multilateral trade agreements. It has thus signed a dozen agreements, in particular, with Mauritania, the State of Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Syria, Algeria, Senegal, Niger , Sudan and Turkey. In addition, it also has an Economic Partnership Agreement with the EU, signed in 1995, which covers many sectors and products. Finally, Tunisia is all the more privileged partner of the European Union since it has also been a signatory, since 2004, of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. On the strength of all the efforts made to promote trade, Tunisia therefore has certain advantages for all candidates for the creation of a commercial company in Tunisia, regardless of the sector of activity envisaged.

Sectors of activity favorable to commercial companies in Tunisia:

  • Trade in agricultural and food products
  • Trade in manufactured goods
  • The trade in electrical, electronic and computer machinery, apparatus and equipment
  • Trade in textile and clothing products
  • Trade in chemicals and fertilizers
  • Trade in metals and articles thereof
  • Trade in plastics and articles thereof

We carry out all the formalities for creating your company for you :

The formalities to create a trading company in Tunisia can be cumbersome and the source of a waste of precious time. To allow you to easily create your commercial company in Tunisia, we therefore suggest that you carry out all the administrative formalities for the creation of your company.

  • We treat your project and analyze your different needs
  • We assist you in the domiciliation of the company
  • We assist you in the drafting of the statutes and rental contract (or domiciliation)
  • We will register the company. This includes, the registration of the statutes, the tax number, the declaration of existence, the registration in the trade register, the customs code, the approval of tax benefits and the publication of the Legal Notice
  • We assist you in opening a bank account. This includes making an appointment with the bank, preparing the account opening file and providing support to the agency

Find out about our free legal assistance and administrative support agreement

The first year of operating a commercial company in Tunisia is pivotal. Indeed, it implies the discovery of legal obligations and administrative constraints which can be time consuming but also, sometimes heavy investments. In order to help you focus on the essentials, we therefore offer free legal assistance and administrative support (in the form of an agreement) for a period of one year, from the date of registration. During this key year, our experienced and involved consultants are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. With a real knowledge of the local market and all its subtleties, they will make every effort to find a solution that is relevant to your various requests. In addition, we also have a legal department in order to provide you with the best possible support in this regard. Throughout this first exercise, you will therefore be able to benefit from legal and administrative consultations. They will allow you to obtain, in complete confidentiality, the answers to any legal or administrative questions that may arise.

Human and relevant support

To embark on the creation of a commercial company in Tunisia is a real challenge. Indeed, an entrepreneurship project is always synonymous with professional and intellectual fulfillment, but it also comes with many constraints. So, to launch a commercial company in Tunisia under the best conditions, it is essential to be accompanied by a leading partner who understands your needs. By calling on Domi for the creation of your commercial company in Tunisia, you put all the chances on your side so that your project is sustainable. Domi has an involved and experienced team to help you lay the solid foundations for a thriving commercial company. You will thus avoid the mistakes frequently made by young entrepreneurs such as, for example, a bad choice of articles of association. In addition, Domi offers its customers a tailor-made service with personalized support and an individualized approach. A philosophy that allows Domi to offer its clients the best possible decision-making in the creation of a commercial company in Tunisia.

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