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Domi Transfer of seat

Transfer of seat

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Domi Change of partners

Change of partners

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Domi Change in capital

Change in capital

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Domi Transfer of shares

Transfer of shares

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Domi Change of company name

Change of company name

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Domi Change of auditor

Change of auditor

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Domi Acts and meeting minutes

Acts and meeting minutes

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Domi Financial year

Financial year

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Domi Change of activity

Change of activity

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Domi Liquidation dissolution radiation

Liquidation dissolution radiation

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Domi Transformation sarl en sa

Transformation sarl en sa

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  • Legal advice in Tunisia
  • Correction of the statutes
  • Submission of the complete file to the National Register of Companies
  • Insertion in the journal of legal notices
  • Modifying registration with the National Register of Companiess

When setting up a business in Tunisia, knowing how to surround yourself well is essential to ensure the sustainability of your company. And for good reason, doing business in Tunisia is a great project, however, it is synonymous with diving into an administrative universe that is sometimes unknown and above all, complex. However, it is important to master the subtleties on pain of paying dearly for beginner’s mistakes that can easily be avoided when you are well surrounded. Domi thus offers you to accompany you at every step in this great adventure of creating a company in Tunisia by offering you legal advice that is as wise as it is adapted to your situation.

Domi un partenaire de premier plan dans la vie d’une entreprise en Tunisie

You are about to set up your business in Tunisia, or have already launched it, but you feel lost in the face of the many legal issues inherent in setting up and running a business in Tunisia. Rest assured, your case is far from unique! Indeed, the entrepreneurial adventure, when it is carried out alone, can be a source of anxiety and stress because it requires a total versatility that few candidates have. The best option to carry out a business creation project in Tunisia is then to be accompanied by a partner who has the missing know-how and knowledge! Domi is the ally you are looking for. Indeed, we offer a wide range of services relating to legal advice in Tunisia. Whether you wish to carry out a transfer of registered office in Tunisia, a change of partners, a change in capital, a transfer of shares, a change of company name, a change of auditor or even a change of activity or a liquidation dissolution radiation: Domi is a leading partner to provide you with the best legal advice in Tunisia.

Domi a tailor-made service adapted to your needs

By opting for Domi, you are offering yourself the services of a partner who puts your needs at the center of all action and advice. Indeed, we offer you legal advice in Tunisia with a tailor-made approach and in total adequacy with your expectations. To do this, we offer confidential meetings, during which you can explain your situation to us so that we can offer you innovative and creative solutions to the slightest problem encountered in the life of your company. In addition, this legal advice in Tunisia can take place at any time in the life of your business, whether you are creating a company in Tunisia, already in operation or whether you wish to close it. We have trained experts who are able to provide you with first-rate legal advice in Tunisia to meet any of your needs.

Domi a global support offer

The objective of Domi is to offer you global support so that you are perfectly surrounded at every moment of the life of your company. Thus, in addition to its offer of legal advice in Tunisia, Domi offers you the benefit of its business domiciliation service in Tunisia or its innovative business center in Tunisia. Thanks to Domi, you will have at your fingertips a partner who can meet the least of your needs. Choose your status carefully, carry out the legal procedures for you, offer you premises to receive your clients or even provide you with a secretary to manage and process your mail: you will be sure to have good support. You will be able to concentrate on the essential: the development of your business in Tunisia.

Domi, fair prices for a high-end service

Trusting Domi also means benefiting from studied and thought-out prices to offer the best quality / price ratio on the market. Our legal advice in Tunisia is thus included in our various packs. These have been developed to meet your different needs as closely as possible without ever becoming a financial burden for your business in Tunisia. The objective of Domi is indeed to ensure the sustainability of your company in Tunisia, by delivering you informed legal advice in Tunisia but also and above all, innovative solutions to allow you to save money, in particular thanks to for business domiciliation, a good choice of articles of association or, by directing you on the various aids to which you can claim.

If you are a foreign or non-resident Tunisian investor and you want a business address in Tunisia to boost your business or your project, do not hesitate ...

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