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Business creation in Tunisia

Creation of a Tunisian company, transfer of head office, increase in capital, modification of legal statutes. Domi supports you in the necessary steps to facilitate your entrepreneurial career

Domi Creation society Tunisia

Creation society tunisia

SUARL / SARL / SA / SCA / SCS / SNC / Offshore Domi helps you choose the legal form most suited to your needs and your activity.

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Domi Change of legal form

Change of legal form

To meet the demands of your business, your business structure must change. Domi advises and assists you in these steps.

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Domi Dissolution, liquidation or put on hold

Dissolution, liquidation or put on hold

Do you want to dissolve your business? Domi supports you and accompanies you in the administrative implementation of these procedures.

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Domi Modifications related to managers / directors and partners

Modifications related to managers / directors and partners

Domi takes care of all the necessary procedures concerning the changes of managers, directors or partners.

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Domi Business transfer

Business transfer

Do you or one of your partners wish to sell some or all of the shares in the company? Domi carries out all the necessary formalities for you with the competent authorities.

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Domi Changes in share capital

Changes in share capital

Are you planning to increase the capital of your company? Once again, Domi takes care of all the necessary steps for the successful completion of this.

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domiciliation entreprise tunisie
  • Drafting of the statutes and verification of the file
  • Drafting and insertion of the legal notice
  • Completion of various formalities
  • Submission of the complete file to the National Register of Companies
  • Registration in the National Register of Companies
Domi Balance

Which status should you choose for your company?

Domi SUARL company creation

Suarl company creation

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Domi SARL company creation

Sarl company creation

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Domi Creation of SA company

Creation of sa company

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Domi Creation of SCA company

Creation of sca company

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Domi SCS company creation

Scs company creation

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Domi SNC company creation

Snc company creation

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Which investment plan to choose for your business?

Domi Totally exporting company

Totally exporting company

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Domi Offshore company

Offshore company

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Domi Company not totally exporting

Company not totally exporting

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With a solid idea, an innovative concept or even an expertise in your field, you want to create your business in Tunisia. You are absolutely right because Tunisia is a land conducive to business creation! Indeed, many systems allow you, as a foreign investor, to benefit from aid for the creation of a business. For example, you can take advantage of law n ° 71 -2016 of September 30, 2016 which offers the deduction of a share of the profits or income recorded during the first four years of activity. In addition, Tunisia has a workforce trained in many areas but also and above all, cheap! A true land of welcome for all entrepreneurs, creating a company in Tunisia rhymes with the prospect of great opportunities.

Qualified workforce

Creating a business in Tunisia is also the possibility of recruiting, easily and quickly, a qualified workforce. The land of jasmine has indeed a pool of young and old, graduates or not, just asking to work. The wages imposed by the labor code also have the advantage of being much lower than those practiced in European countries. Creating a business in Tunisia therefore makes it possible to make significant savings on the payroll, while benefiting from the expertise of competent and well-trained employees. Tunisia has a solid school and university system that offers young people skills recognized and appreciated by recruiters, including internationally.

Many promising sectors

Particularly known for its tourism sector, the Tunisian economy is not limited to the latter! Indeed, in Tunisia, many sectors are promising. So, if you are planning to create an IT company in Tunisia, a service company in Tunisia, an import-export company in Tunisia, a consulting company in Tunisia, an offshore company in Tunisia, a call center in Tunisia or to create a startup in Tunisia, you have definitely chosen the right destination! The land of jasmine indeed has a dynamic economy conducive to business creation.

Tunisia: an ideal country for French-speaking entrepreneurs

The creation of a company in Tunisia is also, for French-speaking investors, the promise of a total absence of difficulties related to the language. Indeed, French is a language spoken fluently by the great majority of Tunisians. For a business creation project, this is a significant asset that should be taken into account to its full extent because it is as much savings that you will achieve on potential translations or time saved! In addition, know that Tunisians are recognized for their excellent level in foreign languages. Many Tunisians speak English and can boast of being at least trilingual since they speak for many, French or English, Tunisian and Arabic!

Create a business in Tunisia with support

Creating a business in Tunisia is therefore an interesting bet. However, the process of setting up a company in Tunisia can seem tedious. To launch your business in Tunisia, without having to undergo the heavy administrative tasks inherent in such a project, being accompanied by a consulting firm such as Domi is a wise idea. Indeed, we can guide you at each stage of the creation of your business in Tunisia. We can thus advise you, from the start, on the choice of your status because this latter implies consequences on the future life of your company in Tunisia. Is it more interesting for you to create an SARL in Tunisia, to create an SARL in Tunisia, to create an SA in Tunisia, to create an SCA in Tunisia, to create an SNC in Tunisia or even an SCS in Tunisia: we have the necessary expertise to allow you to choose the most relevant status in relation to your situation. We can then carry out all the administrative procedures to register your company. Finally, we also support you throughout your first financial year by offering you legal and accounting consultations to enable you to transform your company creation project in Tunisia into a flourishing business!

Create your business in Tunisia by investing a minimum

During a business creation project in Tunisia, many investors are keen to limit their expenses. Indeed, maintaining sufficient cash to ensure the first months of the year is essential to guarantee the viability of a company. So, in order to help you create a business in Tunisia by investing a minimum, we also offer you a domiciliation service. You will thus be able to benefit from a professional address for your company, as required by law, without having to undergo the expenses of professional premises. We also suggest that you take advantage of our spacious meeting rooms designed to provide you with an optimal working environment, as well as our offices where you can sit quietly while you carry out your tasks. Finally, Domi is also the possibility of benefiting from secretarial services: photocopies, mail processing or even writing letters at your request. In the end, Domi is a leading partner for your business creation in Tunisia who will be able to support you in all your needs!

If you are a foreign or non-resident Tunisian investor and you want a business address in Tunisia to boost your business or your project, do not hesitate ...

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