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Starting your business in Tunisia is the promise of a great adventure but also, many investments and busy weeks. And for good reason, the creation of a business in Tunisia is synonymous with many challenges that sometimes require crazy energy and can be a source of stress. So, to live as peacefully as possible this period of transition, from employee to young entrepreneur in Tunisia, being well surrounded is a real plus. Thus, by opting for an innovative business center in Tunisia, you will be supported at each stage of your project while making savings on your costs, which is considerable during the launch phase. Domi, an innovative business center in Tunisia, offers you its services to help you set up your business in Tunisia as easily as possible.

Domi, tailor-made services for an innovative business center

With many years of experience in business domiciliation and entrepreneurship in Tunisia, Domi has imagined for you an innovative business center in Tunisia. To do so, it offers tailor-made services perfectly suited to your needs. By opting for Domi’s services, you will not only benefit from an address in Tunisia, but also and above all, a real office that can become your refuge for all your professional needs. A secretariat is thus made available to business creators in Tunisia to meet all their expectations. From taking phone calls and, if necessary, transferring them, through processing mail (opening, sorting) and drafting emails, to making photocopies, trained and competent staff will be at your disposal. . In the end, trusting Domi’s innovative business center in Tunisia means offering yourself a real ally in carrying out all the daily steps of the company.

Domi, an innovative business center in Tunisia with ideal premises for entrepreneurs

Like all innovative business centers in Tunisia, Domi offers you the provision of premises. And for good reason, Domi is a partner who knows the life of young companies in Tunisia and knows that it is difficult, in the early days, to invest in professional rents. So, to best support you in the creation and launching phase of a company in Tunisia, Domi invites you to limit your expenses by opting for its offices located in its innovative business center in Tunisia. Located in La Marsa, a bourgeois, lively and pleasant district of the northern suburbs, recognized by all as such, they offer all the necessary comfort to founders of companies in Tunisia. Bright, spacious and modern, nothing is lacking for the well-being of its occupants. In addition to its optimally furnished offices, Domi also invites you to take advantage of its meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people for meetings taking place in the best conditions.

Domi, an innovative business center in Tunisia offering many additional services

Opting for the innovative business center in Tunisia at Domi also means benefiting from numerous ancillary services which are essential to the life of a company. Thus, Domi allows you to benefit from the recommendations of specialists at any time. He thus offers you advice in setting up a business in Tunisia at each stage of the latter: from its incorporation through its registration to its registration in the national register of companies and this, until the end of the first year of operation. Domi’s innovative business center in Tunisia is also a partner in building your site and ensuring your presence on social networks. Finally, if you have special needs, such as a good accountant in Tunisia, Domi will once again be by your side and put you in touch with one of its partners in your region.

Domi, your best ally in setting up a business in Tunisia

There are many business centers in Tunisia, however, none are as innovative as Domi. And for good reason, Domi’s support is comprehensive and meets all the needs of a company founder in Tunisia. At each stage of your adventure in creating a business in Tunisia, Domi will support you with professionalism and kindness. Domiciliation, technical or practical advice, recommendations, secretarial service or even provision of premises: Domi’s innovative business center in Tunisia is the partner you need to launch your company in Tunisia with confidence. Indeed, this allows savings on costs

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