Innovative Business Center in Tunisia: Online Company Domiciliation and Online Company Creation

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Made up of a team of experts, Domi is a business center in tunis which offers you a complete, quality and affordable offer in tunisia!


Online visibility

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Domi puts you in touch with an accountant near your region

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Advice and drafting of statutes

From incorporation to registration in the National Register of Companies, Domi supports you

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Phone permanence

Domiciliation of your telephone line

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Website and presence on social networks

Creation of your tailor-made website

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Telephone secretariat

Receiving, taking a message and transferring your calls

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Do you want to set up your business in Tunisia, or have you just done so, and are you looking for a business center in Tunisia that will be able to support you in this great project? You have found your trusted partner! Domi thus offers you the benefit of its premises and its team of experts in order to start your entrepreneurial adventure while limiting your structural costs. Opting for the Domi business center means choosing a major player in the market who will be able to support you with professionalism and kindness in the daily procedures and the needs inherent in the life of a company in Tunisia.

Pleasant premises designed for business creators in Tunisia

When setting up a business in Tunisia, investments are always necessary. In order to ensure the economic viability of the company as much as possible in Tunisia, during the first months of the financial year when the turnover is in its infancy, expenses should be kept as low as possible. So, to help you reduce your expenses to the strict minimum, Domi provides you with premises designed for business creators. Located in the heart of Marsa, a lively and strategic district of the northern suburbs of Tunis, they are modern, bright and spacious. You will discover offices with optimal layout to work in all serenity. You will also find meeting rooms, ideal for receiving your clients or partners in the best conditions during meetings.

Tailor-made services with Domi

Opting for Domi’s business center in Tunisia also means benefiting from tailor-made services adapted to the needs of a business creator in Tunisia. A secretariat will thus be at your disposal to take care of your telephone calls and, if necessary, their transfer. He will also take care, for you and at your request, of making photocopies, of processing your mail (opening, sorting, etc.) and of drafting your letters / emails. In the end, by opting for the Domi business center in Tunisia, you can be accompanied in all the daily steps of your business.

Many additional services with the business center in Tunisia Domi

Beyond practical secretarial services, opting for the Domi business center also means giving yourself the opportunity to have specialist expertise at your fingertips. Indeed, we offer you advice in setting up a business in Tunisia, from the incorporation of the company in Tunisia to its registration, through its registration in the national register of companies or even its first year of operation. . We also suggest that you create your site and ensure your presence on social networks. And finally, if you have specific needs, for example a good accountant in Tunisia, we put you in touch with one of our partners in your region.

Business center in Tunisia: Domi offers you comprehensive support

Opting for the Domi business center, compared to other partners, offers you the advantage of benefiting from comprehensive support. At each stage of the creation of your company in Tunisia and in all your daily steps after the creation of your company in Tunisia, Domi accompanies you with kindness and professionalism. Domiciliation, technical or practical advice, recommendations, secretarial service or even provision of premises: we are the partner you need to meet all your needs inherent in the creation of your business in Tunisia.

If you are a foreign or non-resident Tunisian investor and you want a business address in Tunisia to boost your business or your project, do not hesitate ...

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